Pimps and Sales People

I want Free

Remember this? This is the first thing i remembered when I read an email that is sent to one of my favorite site in my google reader, who is disappoint with blogger who do sales pitch in their blog. he/she complaint that most of the top pro bloggers now all turned into pimps and sales people. they’re selling courses, ebooks and the secrets of their success.

I wont tell u where i read it, i just want to share my opinion on this. I think the reader is forgotten that they read an exquisite article from many blog long enough for FREE and i’m just afraid that they’ve taken it for granted. If u happen to feel that your favorite blogger trying to sell u their ebook or courses and it makin u sick try to remember the pictures under this post titles and remember it very clearly.

For all i know if a pro blogger writes sales pitch long & often enough and it started to makin u sick, remember u DO HAVE A CHOICE TO NOT READ it and find other blogs.

Pic from Digg: I am an Honest Business Man

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