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One of the sad moment when i’m online is when i get news of my favorite site is cracked or shutdown. My favorite site about many useful web application is, right now the domain name of the site is cracked and makeuseof move to a temporary site in
I just read the news about it on my google reader, i hope this problem will be fixed quickly. You could read about the issue in “The Real Truth Behind The Domain Crack”. It felt like when David Airey domain name get cracked.

sad moment
pic by Firenzesca

To see the positive thing about this incident, that is lucky, Aibek the founder of, use feedburner for his RSS feed, so when the domain is taken over, he can communicate about the incident to the reader by changing the site on the Feedburner. Anyone who read this post that can help Aibek Makeuseof resolve the issue, could read the The Real Truth Behind The Domain Crack and contact the given mail.

The case is closed, they get their domain back at

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