Google Hack?

Google Hack
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My first post on August 2006 in this site is about google hack, but the site got hack on January 2007 and wipe out the entire database, so i had rebooted this site on February 2007 with also the first post about google hack

But in the era of everything instant, do u want to remember those horrific code to hack search using google?
here are an example of one in searching a Alicia Keys songs.

-inurl:(htm | html | php | asp | aspx | pl | py | cgi) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +( avi | mp3 | wmv | mov ) “alicia keys”

With this code, Google will search all listed open directory with the song type MP3 and all movie type .avi, .wmv, .mov related with the keyword Alicia Keys. But for god sake there is an easier way to remember this rather than typing it all again. There are couple of site that use google hack in retrieving those files u needed. but this is the site that i preferred the most in using google hack.

this are the first site that i remembered i use that offer an ease of searching using google searches

So what does g2p do?

-G2P (Google to Person) uses some crafty Google searches to help locate open directories or otherwise shared files. These files have been uploaded and shared by nice people. Without them, our searches wouldnt work.

The song that i search usually accurate, but be careful sometimes those site are infected with viruses but google will warn u if there’s that kind of activity going on in that site or the easier use noscript add-on in ur firefox.

Here are a couple of site that features offer similar function that are my favorites (Rapidshare search engine) (Rapidshare listing but only on ebooks) (pdf or document seach engine)

U could see other web service search engines listing in Makeuseof Directory listing on search engines to look for similar function.

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