Google Define and Google Currency

There are two things that i often use in google beside searching. Google Define and Google Currency function in the search box. I have to admit that i still have a lot to learn in english vocabulary and using using google define really help me in learning. In case u never knew how to use google define, i’ll show u an example. Let say that i dont understand the word “recursive” and an acronym “NFSW”. The simple way to use is by opening and type “define:recursive” or “define:NFSW


then search, u should see the result appear

The other function that i use is the google currency. I usually use it when i want to know what is the price of a certain item in my country currency, in this case Rupiah or IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). The price that i look usually are books at amazon or ebay, example i look at amazon looking at You Can Paint Pastels book at a price $21.88 USD (United States Dollar). Now to know what is the price in Indonesian Rupiah i just type in google search 21.88 USD in IDR

Voila! and comes up the result! in case u want to use other currency like british pound u can use GBP ( Great Britain Pound sterling ) or Singapore dollar SGD as the currency or just google it to find the acronym :)

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  1. i usually use google calc also, but using windows calc has the same spendid in using :) so i use windows calc instead

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