Bras For Men: The Video!

I’ve seen the pictures of bra for men for a couple of days now, but the video is something new, make your head wanna explode! :D

He even said “I like this tight feeling, it feels good”. lol :))
try to unseen it now :D

source: Video report about Japanese men wearing bras

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One thought on “Bras For Men: The Video!”

  1. Et, quand on enfonca les portes, on trouva, parmi des mares de sang, au travers des tables renversees, des
    sieges brises, Costamagna le nez coupe, les cuisses dechiquetees de trente-deux blessures, tandis
    qu’Onfredo avait perdu deux doigts de la main droite, les epaules trouees comme un crible.

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