Bad Habit that i’ve change (Part 1)

Lazy cat
pic by Matino

This is a list of my habits from day to day before i change (i was very lazy back then).

  1. 3/4 of my time in a day i spent in front of my computer, sometimes 2 to 4 hour straight just sitting.
  2. Eat randomly, sometime 2-3 times a day or at worst i even forgot to eat until afternoon.
  3. Rarely doing any work-out, like… wait, before i change my habit the only work-out (at least i think it’s a work-out) its the 500 meter (0,3 mile) walk from the bus stop to the office.
  4. I eat anything, i mean anything, if i want something i bought right away without considering my health. If there’s no food in the house, only instant noodles, i dont complain, i just ate it even it’s been like three straight days eating it.

This pattern of habits develop on my first year of working as an employee. I have some of the habits while i was in college but activity with my friends prevent me from being more lazy and developing bad habits. The first time i was working i was shocked. The first thing that i resent the most in working is that the schedule is so fixed, the first three month is horrible, i finally understand with the term “working like a robot” means.

The second thing that i hate in my first year working as an employee is that u can’t joke around like u did in college, or u can joke freely like u were in campus, it’s like there’s so much border to think before i speak my mind and i dont like it. But enough with it, back to the topic, because i enter new environment that is rigid and meet new people who have the same habits, i was drown to the habit pattern. As my old friends are in the same position as me, we socially getting farther and farther.

The result of that habit… is devastating, i get a very aching back-pain, i’m getting fatter because of the unhealthy diet and contradict to that i get a chronic stomach ache because of my random eating order.

i’m tired, the post will be continued in the second part in a couple of days

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