This Month Time Waster: Median 2008 (Diablo II mod)

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While trying to relive the moment of playing Diablo and preparing myself for the upcoming Diablo III, I’ve decided to install and play Diablo II and Lord of the Destruction again on my PC. Playing the game remind me how solid the game is and how popular it became. But after a couple days, i felt the game is too easy and quite boring, i couldn’t raise the difficulty because i have to finished it first. i felt stagnated playing the game.

Not long after the stagnation, my friend, who recently installed diablo II too, recommended me installing mod for the game. So i search in Modddb on Diablo II but the choices are too many, so i ask again what is the coolest one :) He answered “try Median 2008“, After that i installed it and the game is never been the same. The game is becoming freakishly difficult :D i even scared to go to the first cave without preparation and on one moment of the worst, i even couldn’t afford buying a pack of arrow :))

Here are some screenshot from the Median 2008 site

Median 2008 screenshot

Median 2008 Screenshot

The mod change everything in the game, the skill tree, the cube, the name, the monster and last is the difficulty. here are the character changes i quote from median 2008 website

Character class changes
– Replaced all classic LoD skills with 30 new skills per class (210 new skills).
– Modified various animation speeds to encourage unusual weapons.
– All characters now gain 10 stat points per level-up.
– Characters gain life, mana and stamina at a different rate.
– Most classes have different favoured weapons (eg. amazons and sceptres).
– Spell damage is now affected by energy, depending on your weapon.
– Maximum character level is now 120.

There are some stability issue on the difficulty. Right now i’m passing level 30, but there are some times that the enemies not given me a hard times because i use rare equipment that have ridiculously stats, but when i face one that gives me a hard one, i only have 2-3 second before died and leaving me without equipment in the village :P All in all, this mod change the experience how i play Diablo II and prolong the game.

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