Things that should be remembered if u want to make a Personal Website / Blog [Not Technical]


With millions of resources in the web, my friend asked me to make him/her a personal website/blog, sometimes asked me directly, sometimes by adding comment saying “please make me a website” :D .
For God sake men! there is plenty of free blog service out there! But first thing first, there’s couple of things that you should remember before you create a personal website.
What is the purpose of your website? Is it for personal development? For fun? Or to tell all the rambling things in your very interesting life? To make money? or to tell how to make money online? as an example, i’ll always tell my friends that the purpose of my website is for personal development, not in it for the money, the money is just for side quest. The main purpose is i’d like to develop my writing skills to the next level. If u define the purpose clearly, the intention manifestations will be more easier.
U’re not making your website to be read only by yourself right? but for others to read too, if u do make it for yourself to read then why make one? buy a diary. U have to have commitment to your website, u’ll be disappointing readers if u don’t commit. I admit I dont blog regularly, but i never let a month go without any post. for me it’s not for the reader, but for myself development.


I think this point is self explanatory, BUT to remembered there are other point u should be connected with Readable.. it’s Enjoyable. The first time i blog i super checked everything, the topic, the grammar, the tone, everything, but i felt procrastinate every time i want to write. Editing while writing is a painful task. but that the old days, right now i just let the urge to write to flow first then edit. To help u get the big picture, u could read this marvelous post from The Barley Hut, The Only General Writing Advice You Will Ever Need, this change my perspective in writing forever! the point that hit me is Write what you want to read, not what you think someone else will. nice post man!
There’s a lot of website explaining more tips in developing blog, but to me this is the fundamental aspect to be notice. Many blog suggest that u should focus on your topic in posting, to me that is not the issue, to me is about Enjoying The Ride!!. For technical, i still bookmark “19 Things NOT To Do When Building a Website” from Josiah Cole. It’s the combined tips for me in blogging and don’t forget use WordPress too :D

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3 thoughts on “Things that should be remembered if u want to make a Personal Website / Blog [Not Technical]”

  1. I agree with you on three points
    – write what you want to read (and find like-minded readers in the process)
    – write first before proofreading and editing. I write bits and pieces for multiple posts and finish each one as and when I have time.
    – enjoy the process and understand the committments (IMHO, I think that’s the most important thing to understand before starting a blog)

  2. The point:
    – Write what you want to read
    is hitting me the most, i never look back to trend in writing again, just write what u want to write, as long it is useful it must be good for some niche market of the readers.

  3. Yep, you’ll be surprised that some silly article you wrote about some obscure stuff sometimes gets a lot of reads plus you get to know people of the same interest as a bonus :)

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