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This last month i was designing new logos for an internal magazine logo competition, currently 6 of them i have created but not yet submitted. The first time i read about it, i said to myself “That freakin easy”, i just find a great set of font or ask my friend who work as a designer to make it for me and split the reward.
After created enough material to be registered at the competition, i face an enormous hurdle that i underestimated at first. The competition required a narrated story behind the logo or the philosophy of the logo. After sought through, its really hard to tell the philosophy, It’s a magazine logo for god sake! just a set of word, with no picture in it! i once have this requirement to describe the philosophy of my design in a t-shirt competition, i fluently describe it, because there a pictures on it! and a lot of color variation too. In this logo magazine competition i have a hard time to describe it, there’s already a theme for the design logo, it’s “modesty in transformation”… so what is the point to be narrated again?
Maybe i’m still inexperienced in designing or i didn’t get the spirit of the magazine, but still, i search a reference to help me understand better in designing. I read David Airey in helping me understand better in designing (I graduated from Sociology faculty, so please bare with me if there’s something irregular in my design). I’ve been reading David Airey feed for a while now, he had great writing about logo design, one of them are Typography tips and advice for graphic design students. I hope i could finished the task before this monday, because its the deadline. Wish me luck :D

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  1. Logo Type or Logos With Text Only has also a background – mostly :) if not every time. Take the example of FedEx, Its just 5 letters for ordinary people but you can see the beauty in it from a designer point of view. If you don’t know bout it try to find out why FedEx logo is special. Here is another great blog to read to clear the concepts regarding logo designing.


    And Wish You Good Luck!

  2. U’re absolutely right, after a lot of reading i know there’s a lack of me in my knowledge, i read a lot of sources, Logoblog are one of them, but the one that i already have feed is david airey, i read his feed since before he change themes in his website. I already finished the job right now, next time i’ll post it

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