Keripik Garing

Wow, Jayus has been considered one of the Ten Most Difficult Words to Translate by Maria at Altalang.com and i quote

From Indonesian, meaning a joke so poorly told and so unfunny that one cannot help but laugh

Even though i’m not an expert about language, i can tell a little bit about “Jayus”. Jayus is actually not a word but a name of a person, its like a myth i’ll tel u, the story goes like this, there’s a person (a teacher if i’m not mistaken) name Jayus who always tells weird unfunny jokes and the student in spite of honoring the teacher tried to laugh every time he tells a jokes, long after that, the student are laughing at the teacher not with the teacher. They laugh in term of how some one could create such weird or lame story in the spirit of humoring.

The name itself becoming a word of that kind of situation. Spreading like hell in major cities, it creates new word of terminology with similar kind of jokes, likes “Garing” and “Plesetan”. For “Garing” its the extreme case of Jayus which some times become annoying if some one doesn’t follow the jokes from the start.

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