Huge Mango!

Pic by vaught_celeste

It’s Mango seasons here!! :) wow what a happy moment for me, because i love mango so much! not in processed way but rather straight from the fruit. Since this october i think it’s mango season, i dont know when the exact time of mango season but if its reach it cheapest price that its! that’s mango season coming. In a supermarket here, when buying mango it counted in kilogram (around 2,2 lbs). Usually on normal season, for one kg mango it cost around Rp.11000 (1 USD 10cent ) for “Arum Manis” type and “Gedong Gincu” type around Rp.25000 (2 USD 50 cent). Arum Manis type is the typical type of common mango here in jakarta. When in mango season, the price drop significantly, The Arum Manis cost Rp.7000 per kilo and Gedong Gincu Rp.21000 per kilo. In flea market, its getting crazier with the price, for Arum Manis its Rp4000 a kilo or sometimes it’s Rp10000 for 3 kilo! (1 USD for 6,6 lbs). And what’s more crazy that Gedong Gincu comes with a similar price.

A couple of days ago, my wife bought me 4 kilo Arum Manis mangoes, because i’m really crappy in cutting mango, she always served me with a cut ones. Not Long after that, her relative come to a visit, and give me this ridiculously huge mango. It’s like a mutated form of mango. it triple the size of arum manis. but im sure that its not radiated with some form of nu-cu-lar device :P because she have the tree in her backyard. To give a comparisson here are Arum Manis type

Well, its not really clean and shiny but this is from flea market and the taste is really good, and this is Apple type Mango, i dont know the exact name but that what her aunt called, it just look like apple.

I didn’t taste it because i’m not interested with small mango :) so i give it away. There’s one type that i favor the most, its Gedong Gincu type but i dont have it right now, so no pictures. The last one, is the really huge one, i meant it’s really really freaking huge, i never in my life see this kind mango, its quite frightening the first time i saw it.

I dont know what is that type for this mango. It’s like an alien shoots a magnify ray on that mango, what it taste like? i still dont know, because it’s not ripe enough, i still put it on a plastic bag until its ripe. She bring only five of those for me and my other relatives because its really heavy bringing those five ones. To give a comparison here is the pictures compared with the other mango

i dont know if this huge mango its just a common mango in other country, if it’s a common one, i would die happily living there :D

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