From yourself, your family and your neighborhood

Look at yourself
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The ones who work yet he can’t manage to fulfill his/her basic needs. That is the one that i call a person in poverty. Not the one who ask for money in the street, in the bus, in the front of the mosque or in front of the mall. i feel very shame to say, that beggars in my country are sometimes an organize syndicate.

Apart from that, in my humble opinion there’s one package of solution for poverty, education and support from the local government. I can elaborate the step by step that it needs to decrease the growing number of poverty these days, but i’m not going to do that, i’d rather not, because i believe that big changes can come, starting from yourself, your family and your neighborhood.

So if u want to shout about changing and fighting poverty, look at yourself, are you worthy enough to yell that or are you the ones who need the help?

See your beloved ones, your close circle family, are they believes in you and trust you to yell about changes? Are they in the right condition that are not in the condition of poverty?

And last but not least while you’re yelling about fighting poverty in Africa, look at your neighborhood, if one of them are in hunger or fail to school because no funds, i think you’d be better helping your neighborhood than trying to change the world.

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