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The most time consuming activities in my holiday is playing games. Right now i have my NDS (Nintendo Dual Screen) to accompany me through the the days. Rather than playing PC games i choose console because of the minimum upgrade i had to go. In the old days i choose PC games because the wide variety of the games and the length of the gameplay is stupendous. Since 2005 i have doubt playing on PC, the hardware requirement is becoming ridiculous, i once bought a VGA that only lasted 2 month before it failed playing new games. since then i considered console to be my main gaming platform.
Fat DS
The only DS (i’m still using the fat one) upgrade i had to go is buying a Supercard (google it, i wont tell), its around $40. One of the advantage using Supercard is the capability in playing homemade games. Since playing Final Fantasy III, i never finished a game anymore. There’s no game could hook me up long enough. but since the ramadhan comes i found this fantastic homebrew game. It’s based on Warcraft III mod Tower of Defense. The mod itself hook me up quite a long time on PC after playing the campaign and defense of the Ancient (DoTA) mod. Now after playing it on DS my perspective on viewing DS gameplay change. it’s like playing with your mouse. I never felt so hype playing this game. The game on DS called “Warcraft Tower Defense“. I’ve been playing it a month now, the only downside is that there’s not much map available. i finished all of them, only two left which is impossible.
Tower Defense
My advice is that if u have R4 or Supercard on your DS, play this game, it’s 9/10 game, the best NDS homebrew games

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