A Week Visiting Relatives

Last week was a hectic week for me, even though is a week full of holiday. Rallying my family for 4 straight days after Eid-Ul-Fitr, including stayed at my mother-in-law for 3 days. I have a different type of vacation than Roys and Thoo2 that spend his 1st anniversary on Bintan Island ( huhuhu how lucky he is, spend at bintan :D ) but nevertheless i had quite fun too seeing many of my relatives :)

First stop is at my Grandma’s house on Jakarta Barat, The house is full with babies and aunties, The crowd is very heavy (30-40 people) and the temperature is not friendly enough for me to stay at the house.

Here are a couples my relatives with my beloved wife in the middle wearing white hijab. Not long after eating and a hundred of handshake, i manage to walk around the house

After almost 6 hour i get back to my home and rest, preparing for the next day to stay at my mother-in-law’s house at Depok for a couple of days

The first thing that i notice when i arrive is the mango tree at the neighbor house, damn i wish we have it too, actually we had one Mango Gedong Tree but still really small. I didn’t take the Gedong Mango pics.

What i love about my mother-in-law’s house is really really green, lots of trees. There’s a lot of ponds for fishing too.

I took this pictures in a second story gazebo in the middle of 4 ponds. I like to fish but i forgot to bring the equipment.

What i love more while staying there is the slow live pace, not like in the city, always in a rush. I could move near there so i could enjoy the scenery and the relaxing clean air but there’s a downside to it. There’s no adequate internet connection. Ones that eligible is a non unlimited connection, around 3Gig for 40$ a month. It’s a rip off for me considering i have unlimited connection for only 30$ in my place. But i’ll be considering to search a good place there for future plans.

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