This Month Time Waster:

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This site literally procrastinate me in doing anything, it’s like when Bounce Out or Dinner Dash comes out from Game House. I know this site from Jayisgame. Even when i try to stop playing in this site, i ended up finishing SandStorm Racing and Epic War. The Badges that kept me going trying new games at that site. My days are filled with two things, helping setup a website and playing at Kongregate. I almost stop going outside.

The first game i played there was Gemcraft after finishing it, i found that are millions of tower defense there, i ended up finishing all of my favorite.

Pic by justonlysteve

But good things must come to an end :D Right now, i’m trying to get back at my old hobby, reading books. I felt that playing games there doesn’t inspire me anything, beside playing more games, it’s too much. Rather than stop entirely playing games there, I scheduled myself only played at Saturday and Sunday or at midnight if i stayed up late.

Currently i’m still filling-up my Bahasa site and helping my wife setup a site for her goods, she sells baby cloth and many things, i’m trying wordpress for it, but couldn’t find the themes that fills my needs.

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