Smack My Head With a Shovel Will U?

d3o testing
pic by batchdesign

damn i just knew this ( sorry if it seems out fashion :P ), i didn’t know there’s a technology like this? like a jelly but becomes hard after sudden impact. i should wear this on my helmet. The video below will tell u exactly what it looks like.

in case you still wandering, this is a little history of d3o from wiki:

d3o (dee-three-oh) is a dilatant material developed by the British company d3o Lab.

This lightweight material is very flexible and malleable, until subjected to abrupt force, making it useful in protective clothing in situations where the wearer may be exposed to blunt trauma.

d3o in a glance
pic by matt_dipaola

d3o applies on many stuff

clothes using d30
pic by batchdesign

now real deal is when are this things going to come to Indonesia?

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