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It’s been three weeks since I’ve launch my wife’s site at, now i’d like to soft launch a new site that i’ve help set-up, In Indonesian The site is about “Komunitas Read Aloud Indonesia” or Read Aloud Indonesian community. It’s a non Profit movement about encouraging people to read aloud books to children (cmiiw).

Here are the Vision and Mission of Reading Bugs i quote


  • Encourage people to help improve children literacy skill, especially reading by reading~aloud to them
  • Become partner of government and other organization to improve children literacy skill through ‘reading~aloud’


  • Promoting healthy successful children through Reading~Aloud.

The site design are based on the user request, at first i was intending to use Gluttony themes from small potato, but after a request in changing the color scheme, gluttony doesn’t fit it anymore so i had to change themes. One of the biggest stumble in designing is that i don’t have a designer at the moment to help me, so my feedback in modifying is from the user feedback. it had 2 major revision on the road and a couple of minor adjustment. On hosting i didn’t manage it at all, because they already bought a domain and a hosting package.

Why is it soft launch? because i’m still accepting feedback from the community of read aloud Indonesia and the user to improve the site, so far there are no adjustment except an input to make more pictures about Read Aloud Parent and their children.

This site is build upon custom modified Tremor themes from Quake Media. A couple of color editing, banner and change the typography. I also add two WordPress pluggins at the site upon request, DMS Guest book and Contact Form 7. Add statcounter and pick up a couple of pictures from shutterstock.

Actually i created another site last saturday for personal intention, it’s my Bahasa language site. i’ve just done one post, maybe after another i’ll tell about it.

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