Opera or Firefox?

Opefox i think, or Firepera? :P (bad joke, i know, i couldn’t help it) either way Google new browser, Chrome is fast! at first i couldn’t connect to anything, but after a minute or so, chrome connect me to anything more faster and lightweight. My initial load on memory for firefox is around 40mb and after 8 tabs its consume around 130mb, but for chrome it’s only 80 plus flash plug-in 20mb.

Like Engtech said about “Why Google Chrome Isn’t My Default Browser“, i couldn’t use chrome as my default browser too, because there’s no Firebug, Adblock Plus, Stumbleupon and NoScript. but for sure it is better than using Internet Explorer and it have the magic “paste and go” option if u copy paste a link :D.

btw Google Picasa have a face lift, it features a lot of new stuf. There’s one big minus flaw, now it uses html tables tag if u want to embed image on other place. imho that’s so wrong! now i have to edit the code myself if i want to use it in my site.

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