Never Get Enough

I just bought a new external storage WD element to fill my satisfaction for storage. it’s been a month actually since i bought it, but i want test it first before i post it. So the specification of this storage that its have switch off/on on it, it’s 500 gig, Support plug & play, pre-format fat32 and external power supply.

I’m buying WD Element because i was looking for a cheap external storage beside WD Premium Mybook 1 tera (around $250++). The WD Element only cost me around $110 USD, and it’s weight around a kilo or so. First glance i was disappointed to know that it uses external power, but then i’m becoming more disappointed because it’s really hot after a while (it’s like cooking rice on a magic jar). Beyond that, the performance is good (just good).

Because i’m transferring huge data of my movies, songs and photo from Mybook to Element, i know it’s not going to be a walk in a park. This is not an ordinary copy paste procedure, I’m using FastCopy from to copy my 400gig of data from Mybook to Element and it took only 4 hour to transfer it all. 4 hour is long u say? not if u’re using your PC for browsing with 14 tabs of address on Firefox, opening 1 IE and 1 excell document. FastCopy is really light weight compared to teracopy(just google it), it’s doesn’t give any performance redundant.

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