A little redesign on the site

Could not sleep
pic by Andromeda Honds

Got some spare time last night cause i couldn’t sleep until 5 AM and i want to change the look of my site for a couple of month now. I want to make it more sleek with a lot new graphic logo and changing the typography so it becomes more readable.

I is Lazy
pic by xpd259

but it the end, i was too lazy :D i only use plain Thematic standard structure with mock-up in colour and typography (Bigger is better right :D).

Here are the screenshot taken from browsershots.org before the changes

here are the old font type and size

and here are the new changes

here are the new font type and size

Add plugins too, Google Site Map xml. All in all, the site use Thematic framework from Ian Stewart and Fasticon rss icon from Smashing Magazine.

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