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I have created a site for my wife, she told me that she want a site like me but with more custom graphic. (her old blog site is in

After i got an offer of free hosting at Stephen Web, i got a chance to make it for her. She want a very cute site like Gisele Jaquenod(a very very beautiful well craft design site) and i said okay, but it’s goin to take about a month to create it, since i’m still working 9 to 5 and my friend (a designer) couldn’t help me anymore. But noo, she want it in three days :D i laugh at her and said okay, i’ll try my best.

Well my best at short time designing is a crop-kind-a-guy :P so rather than busy trying to create nifty graphic like Gisele, i search in my pictures collection and the cropping away :D

After 8hours, The site is ready. She look disappointed seeing how it goes :D of course, she is! i couldn’t create a site like Gisele in just a day :) to sums up, the design of the site is temporary, but the site is up & go.

Pictures taken with

The site is created with K2 custom css style made by me, Pattern background from photostock and the icon animal icon from Fast Icon. The site use Indonesian language, the feed is in


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2 thoughts on “Site Launch”

  1. she rarely update the site, but i see her get a high page views for just posting 1-3 story a month. that’s why i make her a website.
    it is more flexible to design it by myself rather than using standar template in but the readership drop really sharp (from 100-120 reader/day to 10-20 readers/day) because moving to a new domain.

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