Klender Traditional Market

One day at night, while i was working, my wife suddenly told me that i should wake up very early to accompanied her to Klender tradisional market, it’s “Pasar Klender” in indonesian. And i responded why? then she told me a really really long story and at the end, the decision is that i must accompanied her to the market. Rather than make her repeating that long story, i said i’ll go with her ( plus she promised me that she will cook for me whatever i want :D )

According to my best recollection, it’s been almost 4-5 years since my last visit to traditional market, the last time i go there, the road is wet and a lot of shredded vegetables on the path of the market. The smell is… horrible, the place is awfully crowded. But the aside from that, the price of things is very cheap, very very fresh and have a lot more variety than the supermarket. I never directly compared it, but that’s what my wife told me :D

Nowadays… the progress of traditional market it’s still the same with the last time i go there :( crowded, wet and a lot of shredded vegetables. I’ve heard that many traditional market are being upgraded to a more clean and less smelly environment, but i’m pretty sure that Pasar Klender is not one of them.

The first item that my wife want to buy is 2 chicken, because the chicken is very graphic :D i wont show it on this post, but i’ll show you the market on closer look

pasar klender traditional market indonesia

This is the view when i first came, it’s really hectic, the market itself are on the street, taking half of road.

After buying chickens, my wife look for herbs to buy, it happen to pass the fish stands, there’s a lot of them, i want to eat an octopus :D but alas there’s none, only manta-ray, so i look for other weird things but couldn’t found anything interesting enough to eat.

My wife wants to cook soup so she bought two bag of veggie for soup. What i found interesting while buying, the seller is already pack the veggie for certain kind of dish. There’s a bag of veggie for soup, “sayur asem” (i dont know the name in english), “sayur nangka” etc. All of the bags look similar to me, but my wife happen to have a keen eye in knowing which bags to buy.

after that she went to the deeper part of the market to search another herbs, i see a lot of fresh live fish on a bucket to sell, but the place it’s too crowded so i couldn’t takes pictures.

Last, i want to buy grapes and banana, there’s no good grapes at sight so i just buy bananas

Remember when i said that things are cheap in there, well… i bought two group (? i forgot what it’s called in english) of bananas for only 40cent USD :D

After that we went home with bags of groceries. All in all, if it isn’t too smelly, i love to go to the traditional market even more because there’s a lot of interesting to look and take pictures, but the traditional market in my place still too smelly and like most traditional market, the market only serve fresh stuff at the peak of the morning, around 5am to 10am.

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