Testing Safari 3 BETA and Firefox 2.004 on ADSL 40.kbps (1:1) Windows XP

I’ve just download the Safari Beta 3 browser for windows, i know it’s old news but i couldn’t download it in my office that why i download it in my home.

Talking about the experience, using Safari is quite different than using my portable Firefox 2.004. I write this blog using safari, the font is quite warm and felt very welcoming. Already i found a bug in the Safari browser, it doesnt add IMG tag while i was using the add img button and the most Painful bugs is the autosave post features is conflict with the “save and continue editing” button, I literally have to type this post three times because the writing just vanish to thin air :( and later i switch back using firefox to write this blog. Maybe in the near future i’m going to use safari as my second browser AFTER i found the pluggins directory AND not in beta stage. Another thing that to me is a minus, there’s no spell check features, thats a big no no to me. The interface is similar to Firefox just the feel that is different.

The performance with Safari? i’m still abit confuse with it. With Safari and Firefox I open detikinet.com around 6 to 9 second with the cache clear before each open. While i was opening the Gizmodo feed page with 41 post, Safari took around 34.56 to full load and 5-8 second in to a readable(without pictures) state, My Firefox on the other hand took 33.95 second to fully load and 5-8 second into a readable state. The Memory usage of the two browser still confusing, My Firefox open 9 tabs use up the resource around 133mb and the Safari open 4 tabs use 81mb of resource.

With the Eleven Pluggins that i instaled :D I Think Firefox wins this rounds. if u want to download Safari Browser just click here

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