Now This is a Movie, The Restless

after bored to death with a-supposed-to-be-good-blockbuster-movie-but-actually-is-a-mindless-action-movie, i watch this one korean movie in blitz megaplex, and i was stunned by it. The effect and prop of the movie really fluid with the story(it’s a romance fantasy movie), it’s like the golden lotus but less boring. The movie was The Restless (Juncheon).

Kim Tae Hee

I couldn’t find a decent picture on the net, but this pictures is the one that i love, the actress is really pretty (Kim Tae Hee) :D nevertheless the story is a good one and the action is proportional, when you’re are going to be bored with the romance story the action will build up to connect the story. The setting is in midheaven, the transcend between heaven and earth, the in between earth and heaven, the place where the spirit of the dead will be reborn into another spirited being.

Poster The restless

This Movie Poster tell its all about the movie.

It’s good enterntainment i tell u. In a couple of weeks a head i want to watch Harry Potter and Maybe The Simpson Movie.

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