Lomba Kaos detikINET

I’d like to join Detikinet.com t-shirt design contest. For this contest i have five design that i’d like to propose. The philosophy of the T-Shirt design are simple and have one main message to send.

The first design is about the importance of RSS feed button that was provided by detikinet, by designing the shirt with a large RSS feed button from detikInet will make the audience notice that there was a feed that was provided by detikINET.com.

The Front Design and

The rear view of RSS Design Shirt.

The second one is “The Enter button”, with the Enter button in mind and the clear message on typing www.detikinet.com, will create attraction for new reader of the web. It’s about the user habit of typing www.detikinet.com on regular occasion in searching news about Information Technology. The Enter Button Design was an elaborated effort on picturing the habit of the avid reader in www.detikinet.com.

The front Design and

The rear of The enter button design.

The third is “The girl in design”, the concept of the design came across when i was trying to combine the beauty of a women in the mind of men and the thirst of men for technology, the picture tells that there’s no leverage on both of them. Both are equal. The vast knowledge provided by detikINET was too great that could affect in the process of beautifying the girl that was in design process.

The front and

The rear.The fourth are Mouse Click to Detikinet.com

the front and

the rear. The last one is The black design on Mouse click on detikinet.com but more simpler on front design only

all design pictures are clickable, which lead to the main folder of the design pictures on my picasa web album.
Enjoy! :D

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