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I came home from work around 7 – 8 pm, while on the way home I either listen to the radio, mp3s, Twitter, Facebook, Vines, Path or Reddit. One of the shortcoming of using it intensively, is the battery life tend to shorten and it is obnoxious. Because the trip from work to home is around 100 minutes, I don’t want spending it by daydreaming just because the battery is dead.

I knew this all along, I never been a fan of saving battery apps, so i have a couple of routine things that i do to save battery. But never have I seeing the benefit directly from my action. Last week, i was Redditing intensively, suddenly i got a warning that battery is only 15% left, that’s quite horrific, knowingly i just charged up my phone to 80% around noonish.

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The activity that I’ve done that costing the battery is reading & posting path, reading feed at Feedly and last Reddit, using bacon reader app. I notice before that the biggest battery hog are screen, after a quick check, the battery cost around 35%, and more quick look, i notice gps cost 5% battery, android keyboard eats a large amount too, around 5-10%, WiFi 5%, and others like OS & system 30% etc ( which we can’t do anything about it ).

So what did I do to save up battery? The first thing I do is, sets the brightness setting all the way to the lowest setting, because its night time I don’t really need really bright screen. The second I did is, turning off the WiFi, the bus that I rode doesn’t provide any WiFi, so why bother? And turning off GPS is also a must, unless you’re using apps that uses GPS (Path, Instagram, Google maps, if you’re just reading news or Reddit, just turn it off right away).

That’s just the basic, I usually do extra things to save more on battery life, i skim apps that run on background. Facebook is one of the apps that run intensively on the background, i usually uninstalled right away on my phone, but have it on my tablet. Antivirus cost around 5 to 10 %, but there’s not much to do there. One of the dreaded, background apps that i hate the most are carrier app, that pop notification a couple of times a day, you can’t remove it (unless you root it), but fortunately in android 4.1, you can disabled (look in setting menu) it so it does not active at all. This is awesome btw, this feature are alpha on android 4.0 .

TL;DR version of this writing are, to save up battery

  1. Set the screen to the lowest brightness setting
  2. Turn off WiFi (if there’s no secure WiFi around)
  3. Turn off GPS (unless your app use GPS, like Path, Instagram, Google Maps)
  4. Disabled annoying menu

Just by doing this, my 15% battery, gone to 10% in the next 30 minutes later

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