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Ahh Book Fair! this event always kept me busy :D
The event started on June 29th and finished at Juli 6th, I visited it twice on the first day and second at a day before finished. For sure by coming to this event it makes many of my schedule ruin, one of them is writing on my site :D I even delay writing post for my friend poppie about solving virus issue on her laptop. I bought many books on the event because it’s ridiculously cheap, My favorite publisher Ufuk Press, put a 40% discount on every books and 75% on old publish book (I bought a 600 page hardcover book in a mere USD $2.50 ).

Every books that i’ve been holding to buy because it’s too expensive become buyable (yes that’s a word :D) on Jakarta Book Fair, the only regret is that i dont prepare enough budget for the event so there’s a lot of books that i’m missing to buy.

I’ve been busy reading since then, one of my favorite book is Paul Arden book, Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite, This book is very concise about it content. He reminded me that it is not safe to play safe anymore and sometimes the clever thing is not to be too clever. With an insightful illustrations on every pages, for me this book is a must buy.

Now, i’ve read 4 books and i think i need to slow down or there’ll be no more books for me to read in my home, because i promise my wife i’ll not buy books for the next two month :D

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2 thoughts on “Been Reading”

  1. wow you have great collection. I love to read the Percakapan Sulit jadi Mudah, sounds interesting as I personally have a problem of communication skill

  2. i personally like a book from Larry King if it involve in communication skill, i bought it in 1998 if i’m not mistaken (i forgot the title) and what i love about it, it’s still relevant to todays topic

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