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ahh the fun and magic of google, i just notice the new sign notice on my google reader, they provide new service for google reader to go offline and still read feed.

I tried it and it’s a swell, but first you have to install google gears exe. then it automatically download and install it to your browser. there’s still a minor, u can’t see the pictures in most feed while you’re in offline mode; u can’t get the program through normal web port (port 80) and u can’t set it via web port so if u’re in your office with firewall, u can’t install it; and last but not least the program it’s still beta (V 0.147) and less control of the gadget itself.

the first time i use it, google reader download 2000 feed or query and u can’t choose which feed google download. nevertheless i’m happy with this gadget.

Another google product or could i say it, a web based game :D that google offer is the image labeler. i found it while i was stumbling. The website offer us to help google be a better image search engine by tagging it the right word. I’ts not a one person game, u try to tagging it with other person so if u’re both guess the same tag, u move to the next picture.

Google Image Labeler

The only thing that i don’t like about this “game” is that when u try to tag it, the picture is too freakin small. But it was really addictive and a good way to waste ur valuable productive time :D, go ahead try it. it’s just really neat way to waste your time in your office beside answering question in Yahoo Answers (i love this one too, it make u look very busy :P)

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