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I’ve been active buying PC games from steam for quite a while now, the reasons are, the concept are dead simple: buy once and installed anywhere as long I have only one account logging on on my steam client, I can play at home and office the same game (sometimes the same save game too); there are workshop for many pc games (like fan base in game customization) and last but not least, the crazy game sale that they often have, either on steam itself or on other site.


Now about the sale that happen often, are sometimes crazy cheap, it felt irrelevant to buy or download pirated games. Why, you say? First of all it’s freaking cheap, sometimes I can have 3 awesome games for a mere 1-2$ USD; the second is I don’t need to worry about cracking or viruses, upload ISO, daemon etc. here’s a couple of website that I always take a look to find those sale:

I use Google reader to read these site, but because its going to close on July 1st, now I use Feedly. There are company that offer game sales (mostly high quality indie game) in a bundle:

  • The Humble Bundle, These by far the best in “Pay what you want. support charity. Get cross-platform, DRM-free games” sale model. The game choice are almost always awesome.
  • The Humble Bundle Weekly, same as above but happen more frequently (7 days deal) with a smaller bundle to offer
  • The Indie Gala, sometimes super awesome, sometimes just average games
  • Groupees, same as above
  • Indie Royale, same as above
  • IndieGameStand, only offer one game and its up for 3 days
  • for others, just watched the subreddit on game deals

December 11 2012

With all of these sale happens on regular basis, its going to make my game backlog abundance, plus the steam summer sale is going to happen soon, so time to save up! :)

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