A Very Good Reason to Upgrade Your PC

Damn, i’ve just watch Diablo III Gameplay, This is the main reason why i should upgrade my PC. This game (and Counterstrike) literally made my college grade ruin . Thank God i read Greg blog from Real Life Comics about it so i know current update about Diablo III. The environment still look too dark in my opinion and it looks like a Neverwinter game. All in all i’ll save up money for buying new PC. By the time it’s released (i’m guessing a year or two from now) there’ll be enough dough for buying a descent PC.

The Cinematic Diablo III teaser

Diablo 3 Gameplay Video Part 1 *High Quality*

Diablo 3 Gameplay Video Part 2 *High Quality*

The official site for diablo III is on http://eu.blizzard.com/diablo3/. The site features a lot of screenshot, wallpaper and artwork.

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4 thoughts on “A Very Good Reason to Upgrade Your PC”

  1. :D Dawn of war is cool but i prefer C&C General 2 or Starcraft 2 for RTS type.
    These days u need more than cash for buying PC, U need to think about the electricity: 450++ Watt for PC, 200 Watt for speaker and sometimes for the VGA card too. Expensive PC expensive need.

  2. I’ve been a fan of this site for awhile. Never posted until now! =). We should become partners. We have a lot in common.

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