Gaming Addiction

If Gaming addiction is a disease then i don’t want to be healthy. I had the best disease in the world. As an average geeks, to me gaming is a very special experience every time i’m in it, that in some way it lights up my geeky life. In my old life(college days, high school), i put my time to defeat boss game as the first then i put my girlfriend second (and she understood :D isn’t she the best!), after that college task :D. I once feel, in a conscious state, that if i fail in doing something in my life, i just load up my last save files :D

But those days are almost drifting away from me, there are two things that make me procrastinate in gaming on my PC.

This is NOT my PC

First, it’s the cost of building an adequate PC for gaming, its painfully high, i mean really really high. I starts off on the wrong foot in gaming, I played PC gaming since my childhood and never had a chance to own a console gaming. To me it’s okay for a couple of years, i played from FPS, RPG, RTS to Simulation, u name it!; nothing at the moment could beat this kind of genre. At that time there’s only Sony Playstation and Dreamcast could match up, all of them doesn’t have the quality of gameplay as PC. Then i start invest a large sum of money in my pc to play the best game, and boy do i was wrong.

The last straw i was investing is when i bought a VGA card that was quite expensive at that time for trying to keep up with the PC gaming world, TWO MONTH later there’s already a bunch of game that couldn’t play on my PC.


Two years ago i finally hit rock bottom in gaming, I was trying to find the right game for my PC NOT adjusting to my favorite genre. This isn’t good, i purchased too much game but there’s no decent one to be remembered.

I know i had to change direction if i want to pursue my hobby in gaming, i choose mobile gadget that could fulfill the need of gaming, i choose it because it’s the early days of working as an employee, i could play it while i was on the road. The gadget is Nintendo DS. I Bought it two years ago(a white one :( ) and its a blast. Right now i’m saving for Nintendo Wii

Work work work

The Second reasons why i procrastinate in gaming is my job, Its time consuming damn it!!

But to make me not gone away from gaming life, there’s a couple of site that is a must have on my google reader (I’m still trying netvibes, but couldn’t get a hang of it, maybe in a couple days).

For the huge info on game wallpaper and everything, the number 1 spot that i check is Download Munkey , Mr. Munkey here have an excellent taste on choosing wallpaper.

On gaming info and review i choose Gamespy, IGN and Gamezone. In the old days i usually check Gamespot because it has a great database on gaming, but right now it’s too commercial, u have to subscribe to get the best of it. For free gaming magazines sometimes i download on VGpub and for the cheat i check religiously use gamefaqs.

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