I’ve learn a little trick about gmail, i don’t know if this is old school or not but it’s worth to try. Do u know that if u have a gmail that was named

is the same meaning to gmail as

So what’s the benefit of knowing this?
let’s try this,
if u want to subscribe something free, like comic or different topic of newsletter but the website that provide the service only restrict one content per one e-mail. if u want another type of content, you’re force to have another e-mail account, unless u pay. by adding another mail that was named like the above ( the mail was counted as another account by the service provider but the content still received by one e-mail only (
A lot of content provider and cms forum has block this, but still, there’s many more that can be bypass with this trick.

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  1. I just tried that, but I never got the email when I used the +1 address. I know I’m supposed to get it at the original email, but it wasn’t there. What could have I done wrong? Think it was detected by their server? TIA

  2. In what site that you’ve registered?
    have you check the spam folder? maybe in entered the spam section.
    or try without the +1, are the register process succeeded?
    if not then the problem is in the website.

    like i said in the post, this is old school trick,
    many webmaster has block this method in registering.
    but it worth to try.
    I subscribed to a comic provider using one mail into 4 account
    and it work perfectly.

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