A Very Busy Week Indeed

huaahh, many things has happen to me this two weeks, its been a hell of a week, sad things and happy things occur to me this last two weeks. Sad things first, My mother had a surgery last Tuesday. This is a very intense moment for my family and relatives, but the good news, the operation is success and the doctor reported that my mother is okay :D .

Mother's Love
Picture taken from me_bellybutton

Also the past two weeks our company celebrate its birthday!! we had tons of activity, such as sport competitions, yell-yell competitions(yeah, quite lame but who cares! everyones doing it!), singing competition and door prize!!. The first week on May 10th we had sport competitions with all districts in Indonesia, the competition took place in Bogor.

District from all over Indonesia

it’s the flag guy!

The Guy who wave flag all day long!

To sums it up, we loose almost at everything :D.The next day we had a salsa together in the morning with Mrs. Vena Melinda, this mother of two child sure look sexy with that moves.

The woman at the blue shirt is Venna Melinda

this is my Division.

Say Cheese!

shoot with my friends

Say Cheese!

and don’t forget the girls

Say Cheese!

The spirit!! before we loose at volley ball competitions :D but nevertheless we got third position.


she is not my girl, but i love this pic for no reason.


A day after that i go to my college reunion, from Class 1960 till now.

Mr Imam & Mr Paulus

Both of them are my teacher and both of them are freakingly smart person! I love their dedication to the community and i try to imitate them as well, well… at least to their cause.

On the Stair way to the bus station

that’s me and my junior in college. we shoot this pic on our way home from reunion to the busway station in salemba.


Last but not least, This is my best friend popie(the girl who give me comb), who came home from her work place at Aceh, we go together to Mangga Dua at Jakarta Timur, I was helping her buying digital camera last Friday and we bought Canon S570 is, we got a deal at US$235 with 1Gig SD, 4 rechargeable AA and a Camera Bag. I shoot this picture while we were in Pademangan Busway station, while i shoot her picture she also shoot me with her phone :D

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