Working is Disturbing My Time of Blogging

Two Ducks Two Choices
Picture taken from BrittneyBush

Its Like the blue pill or the red pill. I can’t choose both without sacrificing the other. I as an employee, who work 8,5 Hour a day, are really exhausted my energy in thinking, not because of my work but because i can’t fully channel my energy to both of them and now i add more side project to increase my experience in web developing(i’m still a newbie :D). I don’t like write short post, i try to avoid it. i like to write post very detailed and fully research, and if i can i’d like to write it based on my experience, except for fun post. That’s why it takes time and focus to write one. I’m still learning here to be a very good writer

For the time being i’d like to focus more on my daily job. Web Developing it’s been one of my dream job, i’d like to focus more to it for a little while. I may be posting every Saturday and Sunday, perhaps in a higher frequency. Wish me luck :D

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