What U Need to Buy When U Want to Purchase an Entry Level Digital Camera (simple tips)


I Don’t know what’s wrong my friend here, of all of her friend that have SLR, she still asked me what type of camera that she need to buy. Well she is the prettiest girl in her office and the smartest one too :D that’s why i like to give her a little hint in what things to buy in starting to the world of photography (as a newbie like me of course).

This hint is time based, maybe in a couple of month from now, the price will change. Her budget is around US$ 150 – 250. well there’s 5 items that she need to consider.

  1. The Camera (doh!)
  2. Memory Card
  3. Rechargeable Battery
  4. Camera Bag
  5. TheCharger for the battery
  6. Card reader if the battery in the camera was down

For the camera, here’s a few item that i read is particularly have a good or decent review. Canon PowerShot A540, A550, A560, Ranging from the cheapest US$180 – 200. I’m not in fave of Canon or something but why there’s nothing on entry level in dpreview except Canon and no full review on imaging-resource that meet the entry level(there’s is a couple but not the decent one), that’s why its hard to choose brands other than Canon.

Canon canon

For memory card, because i found canon right now, so the memory card would be SD card. The price of SD card was up and down in the first quarter this year. My boss yesterday bought a 2 Gig of Kingston mini SD for only US$18. S0 let’s just say that for 2 Gig of memory card are going to cost u US$20.

For Battery, I found that Charger Sanyo Quick 2500MA AA/AAA + 4 AA Battery is going to cost US$20. This is enough i think for 200-500 shoots in daylight environment.

Last but not least is the bag and card reader, a Lowepro small bag is around US$ 13 and an all in one Card Reader is only US$ 4. To sum it u, the total cost for the accessories only is 20 + 20 + 13 + 4 = US$57. This is going to adequate for a budget of US$250 with the camera price range from US$ 180 – 200.

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