The Jakarta 4th Toys and Comic Fair

Jakarta Toys n Comic Fair 2008
Pic by monsterijo

Two weeks ago, I’ve gone to the Jakarta 4th Toys n Comic fair which is a very pleasant event. The event took place in tennis indoor Senayan in Central Jakarta. Even though its only a two size of tennis field, it took me more than three hour to look all of the toys there.

Captain America

What i really like about the fair is, there is a wide variety of action figure. Starting from Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, Gundam, Spawn, DC Superheroes, Marvell Superheroes, One Piece, Transformer etc. oh yeah there’s even a Tom and Jerry Figurine.

Tom and Jerry

Dont forget what a toys fair without Starwars collection item, here are Starwars lightsaber

Master Yoda, Luke and Darth Maul Lightsaber

The price range from around a dollar to USD$300 a piece. like this classic super robot Voltes V which cost around USD$145

Voltes V

I bought 3 three shirt and 3 Ultraman Monster!!! I was looking for Ultraman Monster for along time, now i get to bought for less than $1. What i really really love about the monster is that it’s really really ugly(even my wife hate the idea of me buying it). I dont take the pictures yet, i’ll update it soon in my next post.

What i really regret about the event is that I dont prepare enough dough for the event and i dont took a lot of pictures.

Great Mazinger n Getter Robo

I want to buy this Getter Robo and Great Mazinger Z statues along times but i dont think i have the budget to buy both of it then.

There’s a lot of other toys like this one

I dont know what it is

and tomys car


Last but not least here are some classic old toys that are on sale

looks pretty old right?

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