PS3?! Heck Yeahhh!!, Blog Oh! Blog Site Review

Pic by Jelmer de Jong

There are only four site that i’ve subscribed in providing me a really great WordPress theme. All of them i considered provided me great design of wordpress theme at the lowest cost (AKA Free!!). There are two keypoint that make me still subscribing them, first, they provide a simplicity in their design ( ie. not too much sparkle of ajax maybe) and second, they design it really light (some of them are 30kb).

One of the site that i subscribed is Blog Oh! Blog with author Jai Nischal Verma. There’s a lot of history behind the site, the exchange of the owner is one of them.

Blog Oh! Blog

Among other things beside WordPress theme that he post, is about simple SEO tips topic (there’s an ebook too). I only been a passive reader of the site since the beginning, but the one that really makes me on noticing a lot is when he wrote about SP.

There is one thing that i regret about the design that he offer, that it’s not a GPL License.


So what is the connection between his blog and a PS3?? Well he conducted a contest with the prize of PS3 :D i hope i could win it by writing review of his blog because i’m dead bored with my DS.

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