No.1 at Google for the wrong keyword: Dian Sastro

I don’t know what to say… but why the hell Google remembered me for Dian Sastro?!!! :D
I don’t care :P as long as they drove me traffic :)) just like the last time they put me on the 10th spot, right know i’m number one, add the word “pictures”. Haa, What the heck, i put Dian pictures more so i get more rank :D cheers!

Dian Sastro TV Screen shot

That’s her!! and me on the 1st spot!

dian sastro no.1

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2 thoughts on “No.1 at Google for the wrong keyword: Dian Sastro”

  1. u are my idol forever………..i wish can meet u,if only in my dream…i will be happy!

    from: ur fans

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