My list of things to remember when re-design my own site

The worst part in creating or modifying WordPress themes is the multiple browser compability, a lot of my friends and client use old PC and use (gasp!) Internet Explorer, using those dreaded version 5 and 6. So if they find the site that i help make or create looks weird, shame on me. In the next couples of weeks maybe i’m going to re-design my site, i should have re-align but i felt this themes doesn’t click with me yet after a couple month. So I decided to change it.

The List

I usually have a list of what i check the themes before i implemented the design on my site, here it is and a couple of changes that i’m going to do with the next design

  1. Themes lay-out should cross browser compatible. i check it at least to 4 browser: IE 6 and 7, Firefox, Opera and Safari.
  2. Is the comment form awesome or not.
  3. Not using PNG transparency (i’m sorry but i hate to use hacks on IEs)
  4. Check the navigation menu, sometimes IE act nasty on this issue
  5. Because the interwebs is still expensive here in indonesia, specially in rural area, i tend to use less image on the themes, because here, the internet connection is really slow.
  6. Checking out the http request using firebugs, well this is a quite long explanations. but the keyword is, the more request files from the external page that is loads up, the page load more slowly.
    The files that sometime creates a huge pile of http request is, not using the CSS Sprites. Those million files of css and javascripts, the style.css, reset.css, the grid css, the layout css, the lightbox script, the form contact script, the rating script, u name it, it’s a huge pile of request too for sure. so i want to minimalize it in the next future.
  7. I want to play with font lots more, no more graphic heavy

Well i guess i better start it.

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