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At the Dock

Not enough with just nadd syndrome, now I’m crazy in shooting everything with my digicam. I mean, I shoot Everything. Anything that I define as reality, I took a picture of it :D .

There are two common criteria that are often fits for me to take pictures at, number one if it caught my attention then I took it, number two if it look like an ordinary scene, I try to take a picture of it in a different angles that makes it look interesting.

In my mind everything has a moment of it, some moment are repeatable some moment don’t. I just try to make a most out of it by taking pictures.

The total pic that I caught since I bought my digicam is 2500+ pictures, last Wednesday when I was gone to Lampung for three days, I shoot 422 pictures. I know most of my pictures are garbage, but if I shoot the right object, that feels really good. I know I’m achieving in the right direction. I think I’m going to a positive progress. Sometimes it’s a chick magnet too :D if she look at your pictures, but alas it’s only a trickle effect.
There are two things that forbid me to take more pictures:

  1. Limited storage in my camera (1Gig SD card)
  2. Battery life, around 150-200 shots per-pair of battery (less if its a night scene)

So for my friend who want to go abroad in a couple of months to come, please buy minimum 2Gigas of memory and buy a rechargeable battery, minimum two.

At the ferry

Another of things that I learn in taking good pictures is the lighting of the object. The sun still is the best lighting of all but it has some draw back. The drawbacks are, it took away the detail in the far away object if you are facing directly to the sun, If the sun shine with a little cloud, it’s almost certain that the cloud will not appear in your camera.

In indoor shooting try to combine ISO setting and focal point, try to remember that the higher ISO setting the higher the noise in the pictures get but the higher focal point the more shaky pictures get(use tripod if necessary).

To be honest if u want great pictures buy SLR camera(doh!) or semi SLR, don’t buy pocket, it’s one of my regrets in buying digital camera, pocket are only for fun with friends or for the sake of mobility. It’s not the worth of the precious moment that u want to record.

The drawback of SLR camera in a glimpse is the weight, the high cost of it and the high learning curve. I learn this not by reading reviews or borrowing from friends, I learn it from my neighbor. He just bought a Nikon D40, it cost him around US$800, the price of the camera is only around US$500 but the accessories are the killer for the budget. He said choosing a brand for the camera is almost like choosing a religion for your belief. The reason why he chooses Nikon for his SLR because Nikon last more longer in the lifetime of the camera rather than others like Canon, Canon on the other side made SLR tend to be more commercial. Well I believe what he said; he is in the same position like me in photography but he has the budget to start with great equipment and particularly he is

Nikon D40

studying at photography school now. Funny things that I just know is that when I’m going to shoot with his SLR, I can’t use the LCD, I have to use the viewfinder to shoot it and I’m eagerly trying to explain him that there is a way to make it appear on LCD while shooting, after long debate and tweaking, i started to feel ashamed :D.

So what is the connection between these stories with the title of the post? Well, my friend Risti once mailed me tips in macro photography; she gave me an anonymous quote that could explain to me who I really am and it got me remembering that I was crazy at taking pictures

one photo out of focus is a mistake, ten photo out of focus are an experimentation, one hundred photo out of focus are a style.
– Anonymous –

So if u’re in a good time with your friends or family, take pictures of it to remember. Sometimes it will be too late before you realize that kind of moment, it will be not repeaten.

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