After arriving from Lampung this saturday morning at 3.00 AM, I read a column by Budiarto Shambazy in the back of Kompas newspaper (local newspaper) about “The Insane Society”, I’ve read his article quite often but sometimes i feel his articles aren’t very constructive, written only to criticize. Nevertheless the last article that I’ve read means a little different from others, there’s a quote that he said in his article that struck me the most, he said…

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

I’m sure that this quote he read from somewhere else but what he writes remind me of what i used to be last years. Back then i always expecting that I’ll be different, I’ll be more improve one days but i didn’t do anything but only do my primary jobs as an employee. This cycle haunt me for a very long month, after a few month of working ( i started to work as a web developer at Feb 2006 ) I’ve progress a lot of financial wealth but feel a procrastination in my skill of web developing and self-developing lately.

This kind of state I feel that it’ll be a draw back for me in a few years a head. I never knew it was going to be a burden, i just guess that its goin to be worst if I didn’t do anything. I gain this consciousness from seeing my families and the society around me. They do their routine as an employee and yet they always regret why their life aren’t improve as they hope for. I’m not saying that working as an employee doesn’t improve your life materially, they do, they actually do but sometimes it just materially improve and get you to the comfort zone. You have to wait if u want to be really success in your lines of work. and waiting can dull your skill. Even more i became more aware after reading Pavlina writing about working as an employee.

The first action that normal people do in a case like mine is search the solution by buying books or googling it. As a personal example i’ve done that and i’ve come to a solution with three choices, that i want to be a writer; an entrepreneur and a good web developer. All of this came with SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis in hand (not extensively just logical common sense).

My hobby is reading that’s why i choose to be a writer, being a writer is not going to be my first choice of financial state freedom, but i love sharing my knowledge to others and love seeing people happy if my writing is useful to them. To me knowing that my writing are useful can be a great knowledge to know what i am really good at. an Entrepreneur is my dream since i was in high school, i just don’t know what stream of business i am going to start at :D but right now i am still piling up skills and capitals to be ready if i have the schematics later to start the business. Web developing is my hobby :D i just do it for fun, i love seeing a tangled code, there is a simplicity in the complexity :) i just need the manual to start :P.

With the vision at sight, i just need to Write it! write what i want it to be and define the step by step what is the requisition that i need to get there. What i meant with “Write It” i mean really really write it, not in your PC or PDA, i use my hand to write, it strengthen the intentions of what my goal is. After that I tell it to my loved ones, promise them that I’m going to be what i have written. With this action, if I Fail or Lazy to achieve it, I’m going to be ashame :D .

The rest of the step is still on going right now :P but at least I know, if I Fail in achieving my goal, it’s okay. I can make a new one and try to achieve it again, but i know for sure that i have tried and learn from my experience, not just whining about my unimproved life and not doing anything.

So are u insane?

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2 thoughts on “Insanity”

  1. Damn! now i am bit lost of you bro, never thought that behind your addictness of Miyabi and Hentai Cartoon you are now more….. mature i suppose.

    Hiks probably i should learn from you, start to write something and of course in english! well about the swot thing you are right, we have to know ourselves first, know yourself and you shall know your god says the prophet. Hmm never thought that deep before but i think i better of doing something about my habits. I am so lazy here, well not lazy perhaps but unstructure, still using the same learning style that give me cum laude in sociology, well i am telling u man it’s not going to work.

    Hmm writing to much now, better print my assignment for this half semester, huah sometimes i miss my peaceful days at my previous company, but as u said bro, the job will kill me slowly as a find it is so comfort hmm too comfort i suppose.

    ok ciao!

  2. still using the same learning style that give me cum laude in sociology??
    you sucks!! :))
    yeah yeah i know u have a cum laude and i just barely make it out of campus life :P
    i’ll make a post about making a web for later update..

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