I Win! Woo hoo!! :D

Man What a feeling!! I just won this chocolate-covered macadamia nuts straight from Hawaii (i copied the name directly from the website), oh joy :D

Macadamia nuts!!

if u want, u could get it too, just drop by a Introduce My Blog website and put a link on your web :D

just that, not that hard isn’t it?

The concept of the website is nice btw, u register to the website and post about your own blog, it’s great btw, i didn’t do it yet, because i couldn’t sell my self or presenting my self in a good word :D maybe in the later future. if i just win this macadamia nuts i feel so happy, think just what john chow feel when he receive many gifts from sponsors to review their product. Damn, just wait a couple month from now John!! or couple years :D or after i got digg :))

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