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Here on our beloved country, internet connection is some kind of precious things. Even though it’s common to have an internet connection, but to have it with a DECENT speed it’s very rare. Accessing information with very little bandwidth(2Kbps – 15 Kbps) can be frustrating if u’re in need. One of the way to access it in a reasonable speed is via Google mobile on your favorite browser in your PC.

Couple of days ago i read an article from Nurudin Jauhari about how to access gmail and yahoo mail in a limited connection. I couldn’t link to the web post because there’s seems to be a server problem in Jauhari elaborated it very comprehensively and i think this is a brilliant idea, why didn’t i think of that before! To access the mobile feature from Google mail and Yahoo mail in your favorite browser, just type

After trying it on my Firefox in my office, i find it very satisfying to access all the mail in my Gmail and Yahoo, even though it’s still in busy hour, where usually opening web mail is very long. But you have to bare with the minimum presentation, here u could see the preview pic

gmail with mobile

Now that’s Simple, just my type of ideal browsing, all white :D i try Yahoo too but it has similar type of presentation so there’s no need to see the pic.

after looking around, checking and clicking, i found that u can browse too in mobile mode but via Google. The address with google mobile mode is like this:

The Best page in the universe!

The view of the website is like this:

So if u want to use Google mobile just add in the last query with the website address that u want to go.

This is cool i think, u could save up bandwidth and time. By browsing via Google mobile, access to webs that doesn’t have wap mode is simplified by viewing their rss or by striping down the css, downsizing pictures into thumbnail and lessening ads too. Just Try it!

The downside of browsing or checking e-mail with this, is limited scrolling and sometimes the content are downsize. The limited scrolling is because the web viewing is limited to around 50 rows, after that u had to click the next page button to view the content. The content on the web are different from the usual way sometimes. but I don’t care as long as i’m getting it fast, I’m happy.

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