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i found it odd that facebook has a double breadcrumb that leads to the same page, even thought the links is different, the page where its headed is the same, its been a long time but no one seems to bother to wrote it. Here is a couple of navigation that i found linking the same page. the first one is

The home page, clicking the home button and the facebook button leads to the same page, why? seeing that it use “ref” keyword on the string of the link, at first i was thinking maybe it’s for surveys or something, but after a year using facebook, does it still need survey for that function?

The second one is, the breadcrumb on the view all friends page, using see all and clicking the amount of your friends lead to the same page too, i dont know why it bother to use two link that leads to the same page (and positioned damn near too).

There are maybe more of this on other page, but i never intended to research about it, i use facebook only to connect with my friends and never intended to use it other than that. It just bother me, seeing it every time i use facebook.

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3 thoughts on “Doin It Wrong?”

  1. :D
    I don’t realize it (just do the facebook routines). Nice thought, I though facebook are the great site (fully ajax, light, very 2.0). All the positive point makes people too convenience with facebook, rather than pay attention for small things like that.

    I don’t see the correlation between the picture illustration and your post.

  2. Well, i really tried not to notice it, but when you have a company of 200 million users, every kind of action that they take, goes questionable to me :) they must be doin somethin right, right? :D

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