Crane on Top of a Ship

On my site visit to Lampung, I was visiting a unique ship, the ship was in the process to completing a very big project. I don’t know is it legal or not to tell u about this project, i try not to carried away in explaining. lets just say the ship is quite large and this site visit is a very insightful moment. Before we go the barge we were briefed with the safety pre-caution.

There’s a couple of thing that we should wear before we departed. A helm, Life Jacket and a Super Lame Sunglasses (the sunglass will be given upon ships). We couldn’t ride to the crane ships immediately, we have to get on to small boats to approach the ships. our group was divided to two boats.

Boat Boat Boat

After we leave the dock, apparently there’s a lot of fisherman park by,

We are Leaving The Dock

lots of them. the water aren’t too blue in the coast. i think it’s because the solar spill by the fisherman boats

The beach

The sun is really strong that day, 1/3rd of all my pictures in the sea are all overexposure.

After 20 minutes riding with speed boat, we see the ship, it have six crane on top of it. nothing too fancy though, it’s just weird too see it the first time.

Closing to the ship

I never see a ship that was soo square :D


square, square, square, square :D

after on board, i take a closer look, Aha! the crane was lock to the ship, not build onto the ship.

Lock And Ready To Pull!!

ahh, talking bout crane bondage :D, that was a tight chain. Luckily, I got an aerial view of the ship. but before that

That me holding the super lame glasseshehe.. that me holding the super lame glasses, it’s so lame, they give it away after we leave the boat.

Strange though why almost all of the crew wear oakley, and we are given the super lame sun glasses :D

because the pic is overexpose u couldn’t see the pile of fat on me :D . like i said before, it’s really really hot out there.

An aerial view that i get was a little brownish, so i change the exposure with acdsee, I add the midtones a little bit and use auto contrast and voila!

This was taken with Canon EOS 5D with iso 400.

Little Boat

with little boat like that we came to the ship.

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  1. Pop gw dah siapin web nih buat lo tp pake dibawah nama gw, jd ga bikin? atu tulisan lg biar rame :D
    klo dah ke jakarta kabarin yah

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