a lunch at Sakura

My friend (Maskman) at his farewell party had a lunch in one of Japanese restaurant at TB Simatupang Jakarta Selatan. The lunch is swell he said. They had a lot of picture while in the restaurant but couldn’t get enough lighting, so many of them are a bit dark, i even had to photoshop it to make it bright. the picture was taken with Sony Cybershot.
There’s only picture three picture of food that was taken, the rest it’s already been eaten or not in their first state.
Look yummy huh :)) that kind of face is priceless i said, priceless!! there’s a picture of the food
and this
That kind of fish in market cost around 15 cent but in this lovely place cost around US$ 4, nice…
Don’t Forget the dessert.. there’s Udon Noodle, Cold Noodle and many feast but there’s too much if i had to upload it. The Total cost that his boss spend in this restaurant is around Rp. 1.900.000 (US$ 195) for 11 person. To sum it up, I think it’s worth it if u want to eat in a sushi restaurant with a cozy atmosphere.

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