5 Reasons Why I Procrastinate Reading John Chow

There’s a couple of things that bugging me when i’m reading John Chow Post..

  1. Right now John Chow is about ReviewMe – Batch 5681 or Batch 58 , if u want to be serious with Make Money Online just review his blog. if he find your article interesting he will backlink to your website and send u tons of traffic, just hang in there.
  2. John Chow dot Com is not John Chow. it’s Michael Kwan.. no..no , it’s Mitch.. no.. no.. no.. it’s John.  :D
  3. John Chow have free Male Enchancement info in his Featured sites. Don’t be ashame to click it. I click it too, because the domain name make me really really curious.
  4. He has 13000 Agloco Sign up…. actually it’s just me envying him, to him it’s not even about agloco anymore, pure evil !!  :D
  5. There’s not enough Evil Tips in his website

This post is just for fun :D
Could this post be categorize as make money online Review :D

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