31 Days, The First Step

Wow, i forgot that i enter “31 Days to Build a Better Blog” movement from problogger. My hands are tight with my personal project these couples of weeks and helping set SEO for my wife’s website these couples of day. But now its my spare time, i would like to catch-up! oh yeah sorry, if there’s any grammatical mistakes, i wrote this post at 1am Indonesia time.
The first topic topic is about elevator pitch about this site, i dont understand it well after reading it, but thanks god there’s a list at the end about how to write an elevator pitch, it tells me to put the pitch near with me so i can read it, in case i forgot. Well rather that keep it to my self i’d love to wrote it here.

pic by Jonas K

First of all i would like to define what is this site all about. From the taglines of my site “Food, Walk Around Jakarta, WordPress and Rants on Random Geekiness” it is clear that my site is place for all of that, maybe these couple of month there’ll be a heavy subject about WordPress and anything regarding web development because it’s close with my recent project.

Honestly beside those awesome taglines :D i’m quite a forgetful jones, this site also as a place for me to remind many awesome things that i founds and as you see, if you find my english a little bit crappy, this site also as practice ground for me to learn English and of course to reach a bigger audience by sharing my little knowledge.

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