Weekend at Taman Safari

Ahh last friday i went to Taman Safari for the first time in my life!! well it’s quite an experience, what i love about the trip it has a lot animal in there and a lot of show from morning till night. I took a lot of pics during the trip, my 1giga SD card are not enough for the event, so i have to delete some of them with regret. Luckily i have my 2700nimh Sanyo rechargeable battery, so i could take 500 pictures in a row without changing the battery, it’s the best investment for ur camera to have one of these. here are a couple of pictures of it.

mmhhmmm, this water is relaxing

ahh the hippo look really calm after eating a bunch of carrot that we throw

mmmm yummy yummy

even the bull have the same taste as the hippo does.. mmhmm carrot so yummy!

look into my eyess… give me more carrot , give me more carrot, give me more carrot…

this bull is trying to hypnotize us!!

gimme some!

the otter on the other hand can’t be feed with a carrot, so i felt pity that i couldn’t feed it, they look so hungry.

hey! i’m trying to walk here!

the bird is having a walk and we stood in the way..

The trip cost around 660thousand rupiah or around USD 69 for two cars, 8 adult passenger and 3 kids. At first i thought it was expensive but after seeing there are a lot of shows and animal, it’s worth the trip.

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