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I wrote this kind of topic before my website crash last January. Last time I wrote how i always use StumbleUpon as a source of my quality browsing. Stumble upon is a Firefox pluggins if u dont know, right now available for Internet Explorer also. I don’t have international account to pay them for their service that they gave, so i’d like promote them via my website as a saying thanks. Just want to let you know that StumbleUpon is the best Firefox pluggins, the best ever!!! first of all it change how u view the net, hell! it even change how u browse, u just click stumble! all the way till u drop, it’ll give the best site that u WANT to see. i’m not bragging or being sponsored, but i’d like to share it with every one.

In achieving what I called quality browsing there are a couple of website that i regularly visit before doing my job and checking my e-mail. They’re all community website off course, they represent the essence of web2.0 i think. usually i always visit daily rotation to search interesting stories what are on the net. This site fill their page with a lot of website headlines all over the world and it is light weight, u can even choose the site that u want to see. But upon my stumbling, i found another interesting site that is similar to daily rotation, i found POPURLS. U could say that this site is a copy of daily rotation (i dont know who comes first) but refine them with more interesting function, it catch flickr and youtube too, it’s a nice features i tell u. U could feel the power of css in this site, how it differentiate to a more savvy state. Another site that is a MUST for me to see is del.icio.us (even though it’s in popurls). del.icio.us is a social bookmark website similar to digg main function but in my views del.icio.us is more solid. if i ever stuck in anything.. if Google doesn’t help me.. then i use del.icio.us, i even change my firefox bookmark with del.icio.us.

There’s is one more site that i think have a good quality, the site is similar to all of social bookmark site, but this site only takes the essential of the page that takes your attention, it takes a clip of each page. by using clipmarks firefox pluggin in building their content, Clipmarks, i think offer the same funnest(can u find a thesaurus in that word? :D ) in browsing around web equal to digg. I’m no expert in social bookmark site, but i just like to share it with every body.

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  1. stumbleupon keren juga, buat hiburan di tengah jam kantor, gampang lagi, cuma sekali klik aja bs ketawa ketiwi atau ber “woww” ria. thx 4 introduced it to me. Tapi pliss yahh sisdut itu “ga gw banget” user id-nya and 29, FYI im 17. ;-P

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